Our experiences help make us who we are and shape our outlook on life!

My personal mantra, follows that of the Monty Python film, the Life of Brian, "Always look on the bright side of life, life is just too short..."

Overcoming a few health issues has helped me to have a positive outlook on life and to focus on doing things I enjoy and this is the light that I follow.

interests and passions

Ancient civilizations are an enigma, especially what their designs and symbols signify, this and the healing powers of gemstones and colour influence my work in my use of materials, shapes and colour. Its my aim is to achieve balance and harmony in the jewellery I design and create. 

So many of my designs take shape somewhere in my dreams, between sleep and wake and I get such joy and satisfaction seeing my pieces evolve from an initial idea into stunning jewellery.

Reusing vintage treasures and recycling broken or unloved jewellery, is a passion of mine, giving something 'preloved' a new lease of life... these are featured in my 'treasure' collection, beautiful old crystals created into classic earrings or added to 'light catchers' and vintage mother of pearl buttons added to contemporary brooches. I've also enjoyed collecting these beads, buttons, charms and materials over many years at antique fairs, charity shops and ebay.

Alongside using vintage and recycling, I try and source the best quality findings and materials I can and when possible to buy them from local or UK companies. 

Writing isn't my forte - I prefer to create and make jewellery - but I try to write 2 blog posts a months about my creative journey, events and interests and share them with you in my jewellery artist blog.

helping others and fundraising

Its my personal philosophy is to try to give something back, help others in need that cross my path in small ways, whether its just a smile or a small act of kindness or help to promote other local art and craft businesses.

My charity of choice that I donate to is cancer research, but for the time-being I want to help out a friend, who's daughter-in-law Mandy is seriously ill and needs to raise money for an operation. Sales of my heart jewellery will have 25% donated to her fundraising campaign. 

yours Sam Rowena x